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About Us

We believe that knowledgeable teachers and a rigorous curriculum pathway are essential to give all students the opportunity to excel at coding. We equip school districts with the professional development, curriculum, and the ideal platform they need to facilitate equitable computer science education.

Current Positions

Platform Software Engineer
Seattle, Washington•Full-time

Our People

We are a diverse team of collaborators.
We are driven to make coding education a reality in every K-12 school. As educators, programmers, and operations specialists, we are united in our collective vision to delight teachers and make a difference in kids' lives.

Our Values

Identify the problem, run a good process.
We value problem finders and solvers—people at different levels and with different sets of expertise, who use a variety of communication techniques and development strategies to work together in an iterative manner. We learn as we explore, integrating new members into the team to help us adopt more effective practices and unlock our full potential.

Our Culture

Follow your calling.
We want our team to do their best work; work that inspires, educates, and impacts the world. Everyday, we dedicate ourselves to honing our craft and creating an environment where the naturally curious can thrive, one experiment at a time.